Things that I like of the week!

Happy Saturday! Here's a small list of some things that I dug this week.
 My Week With Marilyn : This movie was a wonder to me. I went with a friend last night and we were dazzled by Williams portrayal of the icon. I can't even tell you what this movie was about as any actual plot became completely irrelevant when she came on the stage. After the movie was over we just sat there, in shock of how amazingly well she was portrayed. Definitely check it out if it's at a theater near you!

UP by Jawbone : This is a nifty little thing for you health fanatics out there! Basically it's a body bug that's not ugly! It goes on your wrist and it tracks everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. Tells you how many calories you burn doing exercise, how many calories you burn by just existing, has a pedometer, tracks your sleep cycle, it's really cool! It comes along with an app for the iphone where you can track your food, and get fun challenges, even connect with friends! It's 99 dollars and you can bet it'll be on my christmas list!
The Keurig coffee maker! My Dad got this for my Mom as a early Christmas gift but I'm secretly reaping the benefits of it in the morning after they're gone ;). The coffee is actually really really amazing. My family aren't big coffee drinkers, my Dad has never taken a sip of the stuff in his life, my Mom will only have a cup, and I could drink buckets of it but I tend to get hopped up if I have more than a cup. This is perfect for our family because it's convenient, makes only a cup, and tastes GOOD! I was a little unsure about it at first, I'm really specific about what kind of coffee I like, but this wasn't just brown water. It was rich, it was full bodied, it was delicious. Highly recommend this if you're looking for a new coffee pot!

 Whole grain pita bread : I've always wanted to make my own pita bread. Yesterday I went after this challenge and it was a win. I only eat grains 1 time a week and I'm thankful that I went after this. Never, ever, will I eat a store bought pita again, these were chewy, a little nutty, and tender! I'm going to try and make more of my own breads so I can make it as clean and pure as possible. Most likely I'll fail, but what is life without it?

So that's it for this week. Any cool things that you've seen this week? Hope you have a good weekend!

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