Winter Goals!

It's good to have goals. I'm a big believer in goals. Goals give me direction in my life, however, when I've made goals that are too big I've gotten too overwhelmed and I end up failing. I once, before I figured things out, wanted to lose 20 pounds in one month... lets just say that failed miserably. After I started to make small goals, like replace one grain with a veggie every day, I started to see that living a healthy life was possible, and the weight came with it. So I'm a big believer in goals and as we enter the winter season I thought it'd be fun to write down a list of some of my goals!

  1. Begin to learn French!: So, I'm going to France and England this spring break but there is just one issue : I don't know French. True, I'll be with 10 other people who will know French but I'd really like to not be super confused the entire time. I'm not trying to master the language, but I'd like to be able to get around. Therefore, I'm going to attempt to learn French on my own! I've downloaded every app, subscribed to every podcast, and even ordered a book! Hopefully if I just put in 40 minutes every day before bed, I'll be able to learn French to a certain degree. 
  2. Find joy in the little things in life : I'm a pretty positive person. However, it's hard to not get completely jaded by the negative things that happen in life. I've found that whenever I focus on the small things that are amazing and good in my life, I'm happier. It's hard, but my goal is to write down three things that were beautiful every single day. 
  3. Get a job! : This one is a biggie, I quit my job at an ice cream store due to school and college and did senior pictures on the weekend. However, I'm all done applying to college, school is slowing down, and I'm done shooting a ton of senior pictures. In short, I have no money. I just applied to 2 jobs, one at a gym, another at a noodle shop, hopefully one of those pull through! 
  4. Lose the last 7 pounds : I'm so close. I just have to rip off the band-aid and push through the next 4 weeks. It's my ultimate goal weight, and I know that it'll be the best Christmas present ever if I get there. I don't want to drone on about this because I have a weight loss blog to ramble on and on about this there but I don't think it'd be honest if I left it off. 
  5. Try one new food a week : This one might seem simple but I've found it to actually be hard. I find that I get into the same like 4 or 5 meals a week even though I eat a good 5-6 times a day. That's not a lot of variation. I like my salmon and cauliflower rice for dinner, I dig my spinach salad with chicken for lunch, and I'll munch on an apple like a boss. A couple weeks ago I tried pomegranate and it changed my life, now I try to put it in my life every couple days! They say that you should vary your diet so your body doesn't get bored and more importantly you don't get bored. Therefore, I want to try one new food a week. This week? Brussels sprouts! I'll find a good recipe and post it for you guys. 
  6. Give more : I think this can all apply to everyone. The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself. I know that statement can be seen as a selfish reason to give but it really isn't. Personal growth arises out of the ability to give something to others. Whether or not it's baking cookies for a friend who is having a hard time, or volunteering somewhere, we all have time to give and it makes us better. I know that whenever I do something for another person I learn a little more about myself, it's a wonderful cycle of feel goodness that I think we all need this holiday season. So go and write a thank you note to a friend, clean out your pantry and give cans to a food pantry, buy a stranger coffee, play with a kitten, spread some love. 
So, those are my goals for this winter season, what are some of your small goals and what will you do to achieve them?


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