Portland roundup + a small hello

Hello friends! Just decided to revive the old blog to track my life and post inspiring new things. If you don't know anything about me then let me introduce myself, I'm a 17-year-old senior in high school with a passion for photography. I've been taking pictures for 5 years now and I can't imagine my life without it. I shoot with the 5dmkii and if you want to check out my work you can find it here. I'm planning on going to school for photography in either New York or Chicago. About 4 months ago I decided to take a look at my life and change things for the better. I love to live a healthy life full of running, biking, and, of course, cooking! In addition to that, you can often find me mulling over shoes, clothing, fashion and design, and trying to write a conclusion sentence in my first blog post.
Still getting used to this.


Anyways! This week is thanksgiving and every year we spend it in Portland, Oregon. My family usually resides in Columbus, Ohio so this is a bit of a trek for us. The 5 hour plane ride is honestly so worth it though! I love the city, and I especially love the peoole. My grandma, brother and sister-in-law all call Portland home so it's amazing to spend time with them. We arrived Monday night and we leave tomorrow, it's been a great trip! Thanksgiving was nice and quiet and yesterday I had my senior pics done! I'll do a post about that and my thoughts on college in a couple days (so many post ideas already!). Anyways, here are some photos taken with instagram (follw me! sarahhaege) that give a nice snappet of my time here.
My uncle does amazing melon art.

My grandma has the coolest wallpaper!

I made apple pie cookies, more on these another day!

At Lee's Christmas Tree Farm. No good trees, but pretty decorations!

A sweet wall at Big Little Burger

Fun food truck near Pok Pok.

Another view of the mini apple pielets.

Sushi = love!

Farm to Fork

Crazy book from the 1940s

Not sure any of those photos actually told you anything about my trip but hopefully you'll enjoy looking through them. I'll do a post about the food side of our trip (MMM!) tomorrow so look for that and enjoy your weekend!


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